Thursday, 28 June 2007

Spent the afternoon at Calon, being shown around the studios by Lynn Stockford. The first studio was where they create and shoot Hana's Helpline which was pretty awesome. The sets were far larger than what I'm usually used to seeing from college. A really impressive studio environment which was what I was hoping for and more. Makes me sort of wish I did stop motion animation... but then I would miss drawing far too much.
We then made our way back to the main studio where we witnessed some of the production on Bobinogs. Was more interested in the storybording than any thing else. Was surpised to to recognise so many people there, which is rather reassuring.
I'm more inspired to dabble in a few different styles now. Especially inspired by Andraw Offlers vast collection of curios and animation books. The walls were covered in everything from religeous paintings of the Madonna, Betty Boop figurines, vintage joke packs, a Goofy phone and many many other bits of memorabilia from the industry. Now that was inspiring, I could live comfortably in a room like that, not work though. I'd get far too distracted. I can't imagine how he does it.

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