Friday, 13 July 2007

Tuesday 10th July onwards!

I should really be updating my blog every day, but I'm getting carried away with our new project now and I keep forgetting. It's really different to anything I've done before, mainly because it's a personal story about me, and using my own narrative. We had a visit from Ian Staples on tuesday, to help us create better story telling and he was such a huge help.
I'm usually really shy when writing things and letting other people see it, but he understood what I wanted to get acrooss in my story and he really liked it, which boosted my confidence a bit. This sis a really hard story to tell.

Wednesday 11th July
Today we recorded our narrative for our films, that was, scary, ha ha. The first recording I was really nervous and read the script way too fast. I slowed down by the second recording, but still managed to get some words muddled, but I had enough to put together for one successful narrative. Made a start on actually drawing the story out, which is harder than I thought it would be, and there is a lot to be done.

Thursday 12th July
Spent all day working on the drawings for my film. I'm about halfway throught the drawing stage, but I still need to tackle the more impotant drawings. I'm saving those till last so I feel more confident about getting them out and to the point.

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